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What I give to you, is just what I am going through.............
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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
01.28.07 @ 7:20pm
So I've decided to start writing in my journal rather then in only my communities because well...this is a journal....

so this afternoon buying junk in Tescos with my roomie Kate we bumped into my other professor not EE....so anyway he was telling me how much my old sociology essay had got better from "the mess-up" it used to be (gee...thanks!?!!)

so anyway it was about Society and Self Identity:the context of globalisation, changing work and family patterns, emerging forms of consumerism, weakening social roles and institutions
to questions of gender and sexuality, embodied subjectivity, subcultures, and contemporary social problems such as drug use and addiction...so everything from september till now in 1500 words...which took me ages to do and even ages to figure out.

So then he said something like "professor EE and I found it intresting how you changed a D- to a B +..." and I was like *shrug* *shrug* his ladie came from nowhere "wow! what happened to your hair?"

She was really insanly hippy with Joss Stonish hair and bangels to her elbows.Trying a little too hard to be "with it". So I told her I shaved it and she was like "that's brave" touching her hair.

And then she goes "what you destroying you ears for?" and I just blushed and looking for exits "the rolling stones"

That's when she started gushing about how she dated one them "back in the day". I didn't know what to say thank god Kate came, with the most awesome walkers paprika crisps, and got me out from under their gazes. I really wish that Proffesor Eliot hadn't seen me looking trampish, lord knows what professors chat about in their offices!

Apart from that today was alright...ran into this guy who I went to primary school with, It's suprising how a chubby wild haired kid with freckles can grow into such a handsome guy. He was nice apart from when he cracked a lesbian joke...

I can feel/hear Kate and her fella from the next room. ugh. So I'm gonna settle down and watch Shooting Dogs tonight with Emily from next door tonight, maybe pizza too and a bottle of wine.

peace all...
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Monday, January 1st, 2007
01.01.07 @ 12:07am
Happy New Year to all from london
Thursday, December 28th, 2006
12.28.06 @ 8:54pm
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